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Joe Jonas Visits Alabang Town Center 2012 - Fastlife Ayala Mall Tour

I grew up only having a few celebrity idols in my life. I mean, I do like a ton of 'em but there were only a few that really made my heart skip a beat. The first of which was Jolina during the heydays of Ang TV back in the 90's. That afternoon TV show was the only thing that made me wanna go home before 4:30 pm back in high school just so I can watch her. I lived in Cagayan de Oro then so when Ang TV visited my grandfather's hometown, I dragged my best friend, Mer, to come watch their concert with me. There I met Jane, Jao Mapa and most of the gang. I even went on stage and talked to Jane. 

 My first fan moment with Ang TV in 1994...

Unfortunately Jolina wasn't around and I think my heart got a little bit broken. My heart eventually got healed when I finally saw her in person when I was 21 years old. I was already a teacher then at Ateneo Grade School (my very first job) and she came for a visit. The moment I found out, I took off as fast as the wind from the faculty room to the meet and greet area just so I can shake her hands and tell her "Welcome". 

Then there was Michael Jackson. When he did a concert in Manila, I was already in college. I was a scholar so obviosuly I didn't have the money to buy tickets. I cried all night in my room that evening he was having a concert. I vowed to myself that the next time he visits the Philippines, I will have all the money in the world to buy front row tickets. And I did. I did have the money eventually. But then he died... My heart got broken again. He died on my husband's birthday and as I mourned for two years, I also didn't celebrate my husband's birthday for two years. I can be very emotional and I am the kind of person who easily gets traumatized and learn her lesson so I just said to myself no more celebrity idols. 

But during those times that I'd hear about foreign celebrities visiting the Philippines, deep down I was telling myself that the only artists who I will really make time for would be the cast of Harry Potter and the Jonas Brothers. (Yep, I can be very picky about the celebrities I love and I'm a pretty loyal fan too). Through the years, I found myself watching and/or listening to them over and over and over again. I never really thought that a time would come when one of them would visit our country until recently... when Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers came to the Philippines to do Ayala mall tours to promote his newest album, Fastlife. OMG! 

To cut the story short, I didn't care that I would be with a ton of  teens and tweens  shrieking at the top of their lungs upon seeing Joe Jonas perform live on stage. I am a proud Joe Jonas fan and I will go see him!

This was the scenario yesterday at Alabang Town Center at 5 pm...

So yesterday, my loving husband secured general admission tickets for us by buying Php2000 worth of food at T.G.I.F. (Here's how one can actually get tickets for the Joe Jonas show)  at Alabang Town Center. When we got there at around 5 pm, I can already feel my husband's discomfort. We were the only adults in there except for a few parents and yayas who were accompanying their kids to the mini concert. So I just asked him to take pictures and buy us some frap at Starbucks. I know this wasn't his ideal Saturday afternoon and I am very grateful for him being there. My husband  must really, really love me for going with me despite his being sleepy and uncomfortable. (This is why I married you out of a number of guys who professed their love for me, baboo... coz you somehow "get me").  ^_^

Anyway, we waited for an hour before we finally got seated. Then we waited for another hour before the show finally started.

Whenever I watch JONAS reruns on DVD, I always wonder if the shrieking girl fans that they portray on the show is really true. Apparently, I was about to find out for myself. I was with hundreds of teens and tweens yesterday and I must've gone mute for a while with the intensity and volume of shrieks and shouts I heard.  Wow! Those girls can really shout at the top of their lungs! My heart was beating so fast the whole time but of course I controlled myself from shouting... until I finally saw Joe Jonas on stage and  MY GOD he is sooooo gorgeous! I couldn't contain myself anymore that I, too, shouted as loud as I could, not because I was in contest with these girls around me, but because I was just feeling so much that I had to let it all out, otherwise, my chest would just explode! Then my tears began to fall.... Wow... I used to only see this kind of scenario in movies or celebrity concert documentaries where fans would actually cry while watching their favorite idols. And now, it's happening to me. When Michael Jackson died, I cried non-stop and that was understandable. But to let my tears fall while watching Joe Jonas perform is pretty surreal even for me. But I didn't control myself anymore. I am a proud Joe Jonas fan and I was there to enjoy every second of it!

If there was one thing that I didn't like about this whole thing, it was the non-stop shouts of these young girls. It would have been awesome to hear every word Joe said during his interview on stage. But these girls kept shouting "I love you, Joe!" Nevertheless, seeing him in person yesterday, albeit from a distance, really made my Saturday. I consider it to be one of the happiest days of my life! I hope he comes back to the Philippines again like he said and with his two brothers Nick and Kevin in tow. And I'm hoping that next time, he'd sing more songs, sign some autographs, and have his picture taken with his fans. I love you, Joe! 

Here are some videos taken by one of the girls (beaisbea) in the VIP section. My videos are no good since all you could hear are the shrieks of the girls. Hehe. He sang a couple of songs last night: Fastlife, Love Slayer, See No More and Just in Love. Enjoy!

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