Friday, May 18, 2012

Kamikazee Romantico Album Launch @ B-Side

***This post has tons of pictures and they're best enjoyed if you read the story behind them.***

I don't normally listen to rock or alternative music. If and when I do, I only listen to Parokya ni Edgar (and Eraserheads a loooong time ago), well, coz the famous guitarist (Gabriel Cheekee) of the touted Philippine National Band (Parokya ni Edgar), is my cousin-in-law and from time to time, we do watch him play (and he gives me free cd copies.. okay fine, there was just that one time, teehee) plus, Parokya ni Edgar has always been my brother's favorite Filipino band since I was in high school and their music kind of grew on me. In fact, whenever I hear them play Buloy or Picha Pie, it makes my heart skip a beat, making me reminisce my teen years full of puppy love and shallow romance like it was just yesterday. 

So one afternoon, I texted my dear cousin-in-law, Gab, and told him that I'm back in Manila and I'm looking for gigs to go to. He texted me back the dates they'd be playing here in Manila and I figured why not go? It could be fun. It's always fun to listen to Parokya. Then I checked my facebook for other events. Kamikazee's update caught my attention. They're having an album launch of their new cd "Romantico" at B-side in Makati and Parokya ni Edgar will be there too. I thought, perfect! Just perfect! There'll be other renowned bands too like Hilera, Franco and Typecast. I've met Franco before in one of Parokya's gigs here in Festival Mall but I've never heard of Typecast. I'm not really a rock n' roll or alternative music fan but I'm open to new possibilities. After all, I've always vowed to do things that scare me... things that I don't normally do (like living alone for 33 days in Boracay, braving the surf in Siargao after 5 long years since my near-death experience,  falling in crush with Kean Cipriano (LOL!), etc.) and learning to like other type of music aside from reggae and the typical love songs I listen to is one of them. If I get to kiss or have my pictures taken with the band members, I guess that'll be the icing on top of my sweet chocolate cake. ^_^

So I told my gfs about the gig should any of them want to go too. The more the merrier, right?! Unfortunately, only two of my gfs could go... Anne and Jan who are lovers of Pinoy music. The new Romantico CD (which Anne later on bought for me) will serve as the entrance tickets good for two to the event. Since Peter couldn't come, I asked a few of my guy friends to go with me. Luckily, Patrick (may lawyer friend) was free so hurray, I have a friendly date! 

Me and my good friend from college, Patrick

Eventually, Peter was able to get out of work. Since I already had a date, he served as our group's photographer (which he loves to do anyway) so perfect! This night was really going my way, thank you, universe!

When we got to B-side, Parokya was already playing. I was so excited and anxious at the same time! Anne and Jan weren't around yet and my CD was with them! So I met with Patrick first and after a few minutes the two girls arrived. Whew! We showed our CDs and off we went to the wild crowd. Wooohooo! The last time I attended something like this was years ago. It was like after college all over again! LOL! It felt so good I wanna do this every single night. Hahaha! I wish!

Parokya ni Edgar playing Buloy

Parokya ni Edgar played Buloy, Picha Pie and their other famous songs. I loved everything! Apparently, they were the 2nd band to open the event (Hilera was first) so we didn't miss much. Yay! Then Peter managed to get to the backstage. We followed him so after Parokya played, our group was able to get a photo taken with Gab. Too bad, Chito seemed to be in a hurry. I never EVER get my picture taken with Chito. Hmp! I should put that on my list. Haha.

L-R: Patrick, Jan, me, Gab, Anne (photo taken by Peter)

Anyway, Franco and Typecast played after that. 



Then of course, more photo ops followed after that. Haha! I actually talked to Franco. I told him I met his surfing instructor in Baler when I went there last month. Can't believe I made small talk with Franco. Haha! ^_^

with Franco

with Jomal of Kamikazee

After all the picture taking, I had some bonding time with my friend Patrick and I had a great time. It's been so long since we really talked. I mean, on those times I texted or messaged him in the past, it was always about some legal stuff I'm consulting him with. It's refreshing to just be friends and talk  about personal stuff, to laugh and just basically be there for a friend. I missed having guy friends around and I am so thankful for Patrick for coming to this gig. 

Anyway, I got hungry in the middle of it all so I went to the bar and ordered barbecue. I then saw Jay Contreras just sitting in one of the chairs. I thought "OMG! Jen, this is your chance to talk to him!" Peter wasn't around so I couldn't have my photo taken, darn it. I did have my video recorder though. But it takes awful pictures when there's not enough light. Anyway, I just used this opportunity to introduce myself and have a little chitchat with my crush. If before, Peter had to drag me to talk to my crush, this time I managed to do it myself! ^_^

It went like this:

Jen: Hi Jay! I'm Gab's cousin-in-law. We met 6 yrs ago during his birthday party. I got drunk and I talked to you. Told you how come you look so gwapo (handsome) in person when you look panget (ugly) on TV.
Jay said something and was smiling and chuckling the whole time (Maybe he's thinking "Who's this crazy girl?" LOL!)
Then I asked him if it's alright to have my photo taken with him as soon as I find my hubby who has the camera.
He said "sure, sure!"
I then asked him to sign my CD. Then I said: "You are so cute! Kamuka mo brother ko! (You look like my brother!)
Jay: Maganda lahi nyo! (You have a beautiful family!)

Then I said thank you. He thanked me too. And I was off looking for Peter! Unfortunately, when I found Peter and we went back to where Jay was sitting he was already gone.. probably preparing for their set. And he was!

So we watched them play. That was the first time I listened to their songs. They played their old songs like doo bi doo  and their new songs too like HALIK, T.N.T, Sobrang Init... I loved every song! I mean, the lyrics are so simple that you can actually relate to what they're singing. Take for instance Halik:

Kumupas na
Lambing sa yong mga mata
Nagtataka kung bakit yakap mo'y 'di na nadarama
May mali ba akong nagawa? Tila nag-iba ang mga kilos mo at salita
Bakit kaya? 
Parang hindi ka na masaya

Ika'y biglang natauhan
Umalis kaagad ng hindi nagpapaalam
Ang sabi ko hindi kita mamimiss
Hanggang kelan ito matitiis

Ika'y biglang natauhan
Umalis kaagad ng wala man lang paalam
Pag nawala doon lang mamimiss
Hanggang kelan ito matitiis

Alam ko na
Magaling lang ako sa umpisa
Umasa ka pa saakin
Mga pangakong nauwi lang sa wala
Nasayang lang ang iyong pagtitiyaga
Wala ka nga pala
At puro lang ako salita
Kaya pala 
Pag-gising ko wala ka na

The lyrics are just so real... these things do happen in real life and the melody, rhythm and accompaniment that go with the lyrics just sweep you off your feet. It has that certain oooomph that makes a song loved by so many people. And so do their other romantic songs on this new cd. No wonder the album is entitled "ROMANTICO". Halik could be my new favorite Pinoy rock song. I've been listening to it for a few hours now since I got home and I seem not to tire of it. It's on loop right now on my PC. :D

After their set, Jay was getting off the stage. I was already there near the side of the stage, tipsy and all. This was my chance before all the other fans run to him for photo ops. So I kinda skipped my way to him and with all the bravery I can muster, I said "Jay, pa-picture!" He's so generous with me. He gave me four shots! I think I was the happiest gal that night. Hahaha!

So the moral of this post is this: attend more Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar gigs and make sure my hubby is with me to take my photos. Teehee. ^_^ 


Mrs. Kolca said...

I sometimes ran into Jay at hospitals (Mkti. Med and St. Lukes Taguig) cos his wife and I have the same OB and pedia. Sa totoo lang, nagugulat ako lagi sa hitsura nya. Last time kulot at mahaba ang hair. Ngayon naman kalbo pero may mahabang lawit. Astig talaga! Your lucky to have photo op with this guy!!

Earl said...

Kamikazee and Parokya performed here in Bukidnon a number of times and I observed them to be fun-loving, down-to-earth and always ready to mingle with their fans. Parang kabarkada lang ang treatment nila sa mga fans. No "rockstar" aura or whatsoever. Maybe that's the reason why both bands are still going strong, while some of their contemporaries have already disbanded.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Mrs. Kolca,

Next time you meet him, tell him how you find his look. Hehehe. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. ;)

I do feel lucky at nakapag pa picture ako sa kanya. :) Lakasan lang ng loob. :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Earl!

That's what I love about Kamikazee and Parokya too! It's always about their audience. They really know how to make their audience special by being "one" with them. And in the world of entertainment, that's what really matters. :D


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