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Breaking Through My Barriers Part II

Yesterday, I blogged about how I got into this amazing training program called Breaking Through Barriers (BTB) conducted by Train Station and how it has been changing my life since (slowly albeit surely). Before you read this blog post, head over there first to give you a little background then go back here to read the personal barriers that I have broken down so far since attending the BTB seminar. 

photo op with my coaches and classmates after getting our certificates

Like I said before,  I won't delve into the details of how the whole training seminar went for two days. You'll have to experience it for yourself if you also want to change your life for the better. But I will share with you the changes that have been happening in my life so far. I didn't plan this. I was actually skeptic if I can do this. I had very little expectations. I just wanted to be a little bit happy or at least not sad anymore. I was so tired of always waking up with a knot in my stomach and feeling crappy and depressed all the time. But after the training,  things did happen! Things I didn't expect to happen, did happen and continue to manifest. I guess our brain really is trainable. Once you learn how to unlock that part of your brain that holds you back, the possibilities for happiness are endless! 

So here they are:

1.From being an introvert, I am now manifesting extroverted qualities. 

I believed myself to be an introvert. I preferred being alone and I tend to get tired of being with people after spending long periods of time with them, whether they're friends, acquaintances or strangers. This is actually why I would always say no to most social invites including Carelle's invitations to attend her training seminars as well as my talent agency's invites to attend auditions and VTRs (video tape recordings). Prior to attending BTB, I just didn't find them helpful to my general well-being. 

candlelit dinner all by myself... typical scenario at home

This was where my incongruence came from. You see, I used to love acting! I used to love learning and being with people! I saw myself as an extrovert growing up. I had a ton of friends and I was always in the limelight. My mom even wanted me to run for SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) when I was young. She said that when I grow up I would make a good politician. (LOL!) So, how come, through the years, I started developing this anxiety when I'm around people? How come I'd feel so anxious and panic-stricken every time I'd be given a chance to do the things I love  in a social setting

So instead of stretching myself and my capabilities, I stayed in my comfort zone, in my cocoon so to speak. I stayed there for so long that I was beginning to feel rotten inside. Just think of a caterpillar that refuses to become a butterfly. That caterpillar will eventually die if it doesn't come out of its cocoon and fly. The same way that it will die if it's forced to come out of its shell ahead of its time. 

Well, I am way over my time... until BTB taught me techniques on how to see things differently and understand the root causes of my barriers. That was when I suddenly started feeling like my old balanced happy self again. My extroverted qualities started coming out as well and it's not like I'm forced to become an extrovert either. More and more, I just began craving to be with friends, with people, to experience something new. So since I graduated from my 2-day training with BTB, I've been more active socially; I've been seeking out friends and spending more time with baboo Peter too! 

so many social dates since graduating from BTB!

I also went to an audition for a TV commercial despite the fact that I was almost late and feeling so tired from work. I really wanted to be there! If before I was settling with being home alone and lonely, now I am going out of my way to be with people, to connect with people and to once again do the things that I love. I did try doing these things before. The only difference is that now, doing so feels natural for me. I no longer feel forced or manipulated. That's what's amazing about it! 

2. I quit smoking! 

I've already quit last 2010 but I would light up, at the most, maybe less than 10 times in one year, whenever we'd go to gigs or go out with friends. It wasn't until I went to Siargao with bessy Hanz three weeks ago that I bought a pack of menthol lights and started smoking again. I was so proud and even told my bessy that I'd just finish the pack and never smoke again. But when my pack was finished, I bought another, and another until I got back here in Manila. My baboo, of course, was more than too happy to indulge me as he is a smoker since college (He tried quitting but always failed). I know this isn't good for my health but I couldn't stop. I was always sad all the time and that head rush I get from smoking is the only thing that gives me the "high" I crave so much! 

But after the training, I just stopped. No chills, no cravings, no mood swings, no nothing! Amazing! I do not expect to be addicted to it again. But if I do get to smoke, I would do so socially since I have friends who smoke too. But it won't be because my body craves for it. BTB has taught me ways how to not want it anymore. Amazing!

3. I'm no longer sad all the time!

I am not perfect. There are still moments when things just get to me and I just suddenly break down and cry. The only difference is that this time, these moments are few and far in between unlike before when I used to feel sad every single day and cry almost every single night no matter what. Furthermore, I now have my happy triggers (which I learned in BTB) to help me change my mood in an instant. It's just amazing!

me and my baboo

4. It's all about changing perspectives.

Another reason why it's now easy for me to change my disposition from negative to positive is because I can now understand people a lot better than before. BTB taught me how to see things differently. It's all about perspectives. Everything is really mental. If before I was so focused on MY own thoughts, MY own feelings, MY own life, MY own interpretation of things, what I want, and what I need, BTB taught me how to put myself in other people's shoes and see things differently. It's like being hypnotized into this 2nd and 3rd person character and then I wake up feeling much better and more aware of other people around me... that the world doesn't revolve around me. In short, BTB has taught me how to be more mindful of others which helps me put my life in proper perspective. 

Basically, this seminar called Breaking Through Barriers (BTB) has broadened my mind. It has now changed the way I see things. Hence, I am now more accepting of other people's flaws including those of my own, which helped me forgive painful experiences caused by those who hurt me the most in the past. And because I've fully let go of those heavy emotional and mental baggage, I am now walking feeling much lighter and a little bit taller. It's like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and life just seems much easier to handle and a lot brighter. 

Kudos to Carelle Mangaliag and the rest of her amazing staff at Train Station (RR Herrera, Rebecca Bote, Rezza Soriano, Edwin Soriano, Dreen Orqueta, Boogs Rosales)!  They are not only trainers and NLP practitioners, they are also miracle workers! God bless them more!


If you're interested to find out more about Breaking Through Barriers and other training seminars conducted by Train Station for better personal and professional growth, you may contact them through the following:

Office Address: Unit 302 3/F Magnitude Building 186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Quezon City. 
Telephone numbers: 437-0128 to 29. 
Twitter: @TrainStationPH

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